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Tannus Armour, Armour, Tire insert, 27.5 x 2.0-2.5

$69.99 CAD

Virtually Eliminates Flats, Tannus Armour wraps around your tube. With up to 15mm of protection, sharp objects can't penetrate your inner tube. Tannus Armour's design also helps protect your rim on those big drops and hard hits. The Tannus Armour sidewalls help stabilize your tires on corners and cushion the ride for more comfort.

Premium commuter

Samurai Base

The ZEN Samurai is a premium commuter, touring capable, electric bike with Bosch Gen 4 Speed motor capable of 28mph. Comes stock with a Bosch PowerTube 500 battery pack and 4 amp fast charger.

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What Makes Samurai Best In Class ?

The Bosch Gen 4 motor weighs only 2.9 kg, making it the lightest in it’s segment. With 85 Nm of torque, the motor packs excellent climbing power.

The Base model offers the Enviolo CVT system which is incredibly low-maintenance with a 380% range.

The Bosch 500Wh battery offers a realistic 90 km range. With the 1000 Wh dual battery option, the range doubles up to 180 km.

It requires minimal maintenance, , It is resilient to all environmental conditions. It offers a longer service life of 8000 to 10000 kms.

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