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$1,990.00 CAD

This small bike makes getting out and going somewhere OK-2-GO. Designed with reliability and ease of operating in mind this bike stands out among its competition. The Ok2GO has a torque sensor that gives you good control at low speeds. The rack is sturdy and integrated into the frame and the battery is designed into the downtube. The fit and finish of the bike is excellent.

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Dr. Ravi Kempaiah’s E-Bike Journey

20 Mph Max

Bike Top Speed


Bike's Battery Capacity

Upto 36 Miles

Battery Range

Zen 350W, 45Nm

Motor & Torque

Bike Specification

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Technical Specification

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More FAQ's

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How far can I go on a single charge?

You can anticipate a range of Upto 36 Miles with the battery installed in it , also it depends on your usage, speed & terrain.

What is the top speed of this bike ?

The testing* top speed calculated of this bike is 20 Mph Max

What is the warranty on the bike?

From the time of delivery to your door, we provide a 1-year warranty on our bicycles and lifetime warranty on our frames !

How can I get the bike serviced or repaired ?

You can always call us on our customer support center +1-782-640-0073 and get your issues resolved right away .

Another excellent choice is to video call our technician! We have 100% of the bike parts in our warehouse, and we also have a technician on staff who can assist you with any problems through video assist.

You just need to call ahead and let them know it's an eBike before you arrive so they can help you out with non-electric stuff and regular bike servicing!